Yep – I turned the big 50 this year!  Do I feel older – nope 🙂

I must say I was rather amazed at my wonderful gifts from friends and family and thought I’d share them with you.  Remember, I’m not your average “girl” and I love to homestead!

This book was given to me by my very good friend, Lynn.  It’s a fabulous book that she picked up in Oklahoma on a business trip.  The book is very timely and a great inspiration as I forge ahead with some pretty exciting changes for our Ladies’ Homestead Gathering.

I love to drink out of a mason jar.  Love the feel of them, the fact that they’re glass, and they’re old fashioned.  Another friend found these sippy lids that fit on your mason jar!!  How cool is that?  Old meets new – and rather innovative I might add 🙂


Another friend made some very yummy artisan bread for me…

this is all that’s left.  It was delicious!


This is worm casting tea and a compost tea bag!  I mean really??  Could you ask for anything better?  My plants will love this!  Thanks, Steph 🙂

And here’s all the other gifts from my very dear friends:

2 raspberry plants

hand “shucked” pecans

homemade peanut butter

hand spun wool made into yarn – it’s beautiful!

sour cream kefir

and a gift card to Cofers, our local nursery!

A very unique gift indeed that makes me smile every time I think of it…

a box of scrap metal to blacksmith and 2 papertowel holders stuffed with dryer lint.  You have to know someone really well to give them your dryer lint 🙂

These gifts from my friends mean so much – mostly because there was thought and purpose that went into each of them.  They’re unique and they’re from fellow homesteaders, friends whom I love.


My children’s gifts were so thoughtful and for some of them, sacrificial.  It’s tough being a student on a budget!

There was $$ for a future blacksmithing class at John C Campbell folk School, a coupon for a day of work (!), my bee pillow, and some cute jewelry so I look good when I actually leave the farm in “normal” clothes.

And lastly – my own CHAINSAW!!!  Dave gave this to me and I’m very excited about this gift.  Been looking around the farm already making notes of what I can cut down.

It was a great birthday with wonderful gifts but truly, the relationships behind those gifts are what really made my day special!

Thanks so much everyone!