Treasures of the Hive – 5 part series

Often when I speak at Beekeeping Clubs or conferences focused on bees, I ask for a raise of hands to the question, “how many of you have a bucket of honey comb and old wax sitting in your basement or garage?” And every time, hands sheepishly begin to rise from the audience.

Let’s face it – beekeeping can be an expensive hobby!  Treasures of the Hive’s 5 workshop series  teaches what to do with all the “other” products we get from the hive besides honey.  We’ll also talk about how to make them your own and ways to market your products.

I had a student who had attended this class come back the next year and sit in the same class when I was teaching at the Beekeeping Institute at Young Harris.  At the beginning of class he raised his hand.


“I just wanted to say thank you for the recipe you gave us last year.  I also wanted to let these other students know what happened.  I took your jewelweed salve recipe and tweaked it a little. I packaged it and sold the salve at my local Farmers Market and made $1200 in the season.”

Wow!!  That $1200 can certainly help buy supplies for your beekeeping habit!

Here’s a description for each of the 5 Workshops:

Workshop 1: Foraging for native plants, infusing plants into oils    (May 20)

Workshop 2: Rendering wax; making salves, lip balms, and lotion bars    (July 21)

Workshop 3: Making Tinctures and Teas    (August 25)

Workshop 4: Soapmaking – hot and cold process    (September 23)

Workshop 5: Pouring Candles and Tapered Candles    (November 10)

Each workshop will be approximately 2 – 2.5 hours

Soapmaking will take a little longer.

In all of these Workshops, we will be using some product from the hive – wax, propolis, pollen or honey.

Dates for 2017

Workshop 1: May 20, 9 – 11a

Workshop 2: July 21, 7 – 9p

Workshop 3: August 25, 7 – 9p

Workshop 4: September 23, 9a – noon

Workshop 5: November 10, 7 – 9p