Lazy B Farm

Beekeeping Workshop Series

The motivation for this series is to equip those who are serious about beekeeping as a hobby and want to acquire their own bees.

Currently, there are only 1/2 of the beekeepers that there were 25 years ago.  And yet, we depend upon bees for every third bite of food we consume.  The need for beekeepers is greater now than ever.

We will begin with the very basics of beekeeping and build upon that knowledge with each class.  Weather permitting, we will be working in the bee yard for a portion of each class.

There will be 6, 3-hour classes in this series, starting promptly at 9 am and finishing at noon.  The classes will begin in January and end in June with the Honey Harvest.


Class I:  ( January 9th )  Honey Bee Biology; Equipment, Tools and Clothing; Apiary Location; Codes and Regulations; Honey Processing Houses; Beekeeping Products and Services

Class II:  ( February 13th )  Feeding your Bees; Foraging Plants for Bees

Class III:  ( March 12th )  Yearly Management of your Apiary

Class IV:  (April 16th)  Installation of Nucs and Packages; Brood Diseases

Class V: (May 14th)  Adult Diseases; Parasites

Class VI: (June 11th)  Honey Harvest!  You will learn by doing.  We will remove bees from your super frames, and then take the supers to the garage to begin the extraction process.  Each student will leave with a jar of honey.

Cost for the Beekeeper’s Series:  $200 per person for 6 classes, 18 hours of instruction.  There is a 10% discount per person for 2 or more family members.

A DEPOSIT of $50 will hold your place in the class.  You will be able to pay the remaining at the first class or work out a payment plan with Lazy B Farm.

To register for the series, CLICK HERE.

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( these classes individually will be $40 each )

*this price does not include the Bee Certification exam fee of $40.

Because this class is limited, there is a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in the class.  The remainder will be due on or before the first class in January.

Contact:  Cyndi Ball    770-289-2301