I was checking frames for brood.  And right before my eyes was the queen!

Can you find her in this picture?  The queen bee has a much longer body than the worker bees.  She doesn’t have the stripes, just a black tip on the end of her body.

If you found this in one of your trees, can you tell me what it means?

For the answer, see below and let me know if you guessed correctly.

I was walking through my orchard looking at the fruit and leaves.  I just happened to see this sight in the branches.

One of my hives had swarmed and I missed it.  Can you guess now??

This is the tree where the swarm hung before they found another home.  All the white you see is wax.  Those girls are so programmed to create a home, they started building comb on a leaf!  Talk about the inability to “chill”  … and I thought I was a work-aholic 🙂