With all this rain, I was beginning to get a little, okay, a lot worried about the pond on the property next to us.  The land belongs to friends of ours who live in CA and we’re supposed to be keeping an eye on all of it.

We’ve been over there a couple of times in the last month or two and each time the water level was little bit higher.  The visible problem?  A huge, impressive beaver dam.  It was blocking the overflow for the pond.  The water was rising because of rain and because the pond is spring fed.  This is what I saw when Michael and I saw when we went to see the pond today.  The water was starting overflow the earthen dam – not a good sign at all!  If that earthen dam goes, so does the whole pond!photo[9]

This is the beaver dam – quite impressive!


Michael and I got to work trying to tear through some of the structure to allow the water to start flowing.  This would take the majority of the pressure off of the earthen dam.  I’ve never really looked at a beaver’s dam up close and it truly is an amazing structure.  I can’t imagine the amount of water pressure against that wall of stick and mud and nothing was coming through!  Those beavers dragged everything over to make that dam – rocks, twigs, grass, vines, mud, logs….  It would have been fascinating to have been able to watch them construct that dam.

I love playing in the rain and I love being with Michael, so in spite of getting soaked and muddy, we had a great time!  Michael even said he wouldn’t mind staying for a long time playing, I mean working, on the dam 🙂


Even Jack was having a good time playing in the water!photo[4]

After Michael and I made several breaks in the top of the beaver dam, we looked behind us….


We made Jack a little nervous with the amount of water that was flowing.  After all – he was trying to protect his “herd.”


And since boys will be boys, Michael got into the water just to see how strong the current was….

It was impressively strong!  Michael could hardly stand for this picture.photo[1]

We followed the creek to the back of our farm.  It was great seeing  all that water flowing again.  And I’m really glad Michael and I were able to control how fast it flowed!!

Just another wonderful adventure on a rainy day on the homestead 🙂photo