I love to work.  This is no surprise to any of my family members.  I love being outside.  I love working on the farm.  And I love being with my kids.  My kids, however, aren’t as motivated to work on the farm as I am so we made a deal.  A Play Day for a Work Weekend.

Labor Day weekend was our first official work weekend.  We worked on our farm first, had Sunday off, and then worked at my friend’s farm on Monday.  Even though it was a work weekend, we really did have a lot of fun and got quite a bit accomplished….that’s another blog 🙂

My friend and I planned a whole day with the kids for our Play Day.  First we had to get our daily chores done and then we headed out to play.  We went to a local park and brought a picnic lunch, complete with favorites like Cheetoes, sub sandwiches, and Starbursts.

Aren’t they cute??  Michael’s friend, “J” had worked with us over Labor Day so she was able to enjoy the day with us.

After lunch, we took the cooler back to the truck and headed down to the lake.

Does anyone else notice a problem with this picture?  Michael offered, but you know how these farm girls can be!

What’s the fastest way to the bottom of a huge hill?  Why, rolling, of course!!

We brought the kayaks along – it was so beautiful on the lake!

Mostly we played in the water…

“J” actually agreed to let Michael and Squish bury her in the sand!  Makes me shiver just thinking about it!

No – he was not covered in sand 🙂

Squish said this was the first time she remembered building a sand castle.  Somehow I’ve been remiss in her education if this is true.

“J” brought a frisbee and we taught the kids how to throw one….

Mae Mae caught on rather quickly.

And of course, some of us were way better at it than others 🙂

Michael kept trying to catch the frisbee between his legs….

…and finally did it!

Cheers from the crowd!!!!!   … and a hug from someone special 🙂

Once we were all fairly comfortable throwing the frisbee, we decided to play Monkey in the Middle….

Do you see how enthusiastic Squish is about the game??  Can you find her?  Yeah – she’s working on her Dead Man’s float.

Just thought this was a cool picture…

Of course, if mom has the camera, then it’s time for the silly photo op.

These are all rather self-explanatory…

Next, my friend tried to teach the kids how to juggle….

Some were better at it than others.

Ever played with these sticks?  It was really cool – “J” knew how to flip that middle stick.

Sadly, after many hours having fun in the sun, we had to pack up and head home.

But don’t think the day ended here.  Oh no, we went home, did chores, made our own individual pizzas, and watched a movie.

I am proud to say that my friend and I thoroughly exhausted these kids and she and I outlasted them!  We had such a great day together and can’t wait for our next Play Day!

Next work weekend??  October 16 and 17th.  We have a much more enthusiastic team of workers this time around.  The anticipation of another Play Day is a great motivator  because you know,

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!