Rusticator Outpost

We'd love to have you visit the Lazy B Farm
Several years ago, I was visiting Maine with a friend….specifically, Bar Harbour.  We walked through the local history museum, fascinated by all the artifacts and stories from the area.  One particular display caught my eye.  There were photos of women and men, dressed in very fancy clothes, the women with parasols, standing on an outcrop or rocks, or canoeing, or walking through the forest.  Also in the picture was a male in buckskin clothing, with a knife in a sheath. What the heck??! I began to read all those display plaques and wall writings…. Turns out, back in the late 1800’s …… a bunch of the upper class in cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia wanted to “experience” the wilderness and were willing to pay a pretty penny to do so!  Those entrepreneurial backwoodsmen saw an opportunity and took advantage of it.  Rusticators wanted to live simpler lives, though they enjoyed the amenities of a well to do American lifestyle and came from comfortable backgrounds. They’d spend their summers in Maine and head back to the cities before the weather turned into winter. I was fascinated by these stories, these people!  And yet, I found the same thing to be true of our farm I heard often from people who’d love to homestead but it wasn’t possible or feasible at that moment in their life’s journey.  I got it!  That’s how I felt for years before we were finally able to get our land herein GA.  And yet, every chance I got, I was visiting farms everywhere I could – please, just let me live vicariously through your life for a few hours!! Understanding that others may want to “try” the farm experience, we’ve added our farm’s name to the Air BnB roster as a farm stay.   LINK We’d love for you to come out to the farm and enjoy the tranquility of our homestead or join in the  workout that farm life affords.  Need a place to stay while attending one of our workshops?  Stay here and avoid the hassle of traffic to get here. Whatever your reason, the Lazy B Farm and all who reside here, would love the opportunity to nurture your spirit and give you a place to unwind.