Homestead Tours

Listen to the sounds, taste the freshness, and touch the wonders of nature

Lazy B Farm is open for Homestead Tours during the months of March – May.  Spring is an exciting time here at the farm with lots of baby animals, beautiful gardens, and the buzzing of honey bees!

Our theme for each tour is “Where Does Your Food Come From?”  Tours last approximately 2 hours with a visit to the Farm Store at the end.  Guests will have the opportunity to collect eggs from the hen house, pet a chicken, observe the honey bees, milk a goat, touch raw wool, and play games that emphasize the difference between homegrown and store bought.

We ask that our visiting guests arrive in groups of 15 or more.  Children 3 and under are free and the group coordinator is also free as our thank you for coordinating the Tour.

Fee for each guest is $7 and goes to pay for our animals’ feed.   The cows, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, guineas, bees, dogs and cats all say THANK YOU!!

Please give us a call today to make your reservation for a Homestead Tour: 770-289-2301