When Megan and I were in NH, I had the opportunity to show her my life before I was married.  We took a lot of pictures and I thought I’d share the same story with all of you.

My family moved to NH from Connecticut in the summer of 1978, the summer before I entered 11th grade.  I was away all summer as a camp counselor up in the mountains of NH while the transition happened.

Megan and I headed out for the “Nostalgia Tour” the morning we were to leave NH.  I turned left onto Lane Road.


When we lived here, we would often walk down to the “gate” and watch the beauty of the seasons.



On the way back to our home, we would pass our neighbors.  We lived in the Historical District and each home has a “story.”


This was a girl’s school …


The other homes had stories too but they weren’t as obvious as this one.




This house belonged to a lawyer and the family lived across the street from us.  She and my mom were good friends…


This house was across the street and she was a teacher in the high school.  I’m told she still lives there but I didn’t want to knock on the door.


This home was next to ours and belonged to an elderly lady.  There’s a “For Sale” sign now.

And this is the home I lived in – it was built in 1806.


It’s a long house.  As the needs arose, different owners would add on to the back and the barn is off the back corner, making it look like a big “L”.


My dad put so much heart and sweat into fixing up our beautiful home.  I loved living here, the home had so much character.  The winter’s were cold though.  Until Dad put in the footings around the house, snow would come up under the edges.  The back part of the house, where my sister and I slept, was heated with a wood stove.  She and I would stay in bed until we heard the grating of the cover as Mom put wood in to start a fire.  There were registers in the floor to allow the heat to rise.  Found out later that the boys would sneak upstairs and listen and watch through those registers when my sister or I would be with our dates downstairs!

This is where I had my first real job.  I worked in the General Store as a cashier.  We could walk here from our home on Lane Road.


And my brothers and sister and I would play basketball at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club gym right next door.  The building looked a little better 30 years ago.


And this is the town library.  I think I only went inside one time because there was a bigger one with a lot more books in the next town.



And, of course, this would not be a New England town without a church.

The church is right across the street from the General Store and next to the library.


I’d always seen this sign but it wasn’t until I came back that I realized how old this church really is!



And I never realized how big it is till my daughter stood next to it….



I passed this statue all the time…


But I never took the time to read the inscription.


And I never read this one either…


This is the cemetery behind the church.  We used to play hide and seek here on scary nights.  Seems a bit disrespectful to me now.


And so in penance for those nights, we’ll just walk quietly through this New England cemetery and wonder about all the stories that went to these graves…










I love how Mother Nature adds her own beauty…



When I saw this one, I wondered if the Lane Road that I had lived on was named after this person.

And as I stood there in this cemetery with my 12 year old daughter, 30 years later, I was reminded how quickly time passes and that we are the maker of our memories.

It was very poignant that we saw this sign on our way out of the cemetery.


This is the name of the road we live on in Georgia – past meets present.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”         Mark Twain