Last year, Dave missed the big snow we had March 1.  He was in San Diego while I was here with 8″ of snow and a 48 hour power outage.  He always misses all the fun!

Being the photographer he is, he set his alarm to be outside before the sun came up.  He actually was up earlier hoping for a cloudless night, but alas, no such luck.

There is a mood in these early morning shots…I love the farm at this time of day.

If you can sneak out a door without the cows seeing you, it will remain quiet.

Of course, Dave had to sneak stealthily  past the goats to the orchard.

I noticed that the deciduous trees here in our back pasture have snow on them all the way to the ground.

So beautiful – unlike the evergreens which form a canopy and keep the snow from falling below their branches.

Jack was Dave’s ever faithful companion during this picture shooting romp.

Um, I guess I forgot to put away some of my gardening tools before the snow came…

These, however, were purposefully left outside.

Our little cabin in the woods – I love how it looks in snow!

All we need is a wood stove inside with a wisp of smoke coming from the roof top.

And the sun is beginning to rise…

Ahh – there is something about snow that makes even an untidy garden look wonderful and inviting.

(see former blog “Confessions of a Vegetable Garden” for a full disclosure)

I love the changes of the color blue in the sky as the rays of sun illuminate…

And as the sun rises, so does the activity of the farm.

Molly checks on the chickens – of course several were out because the netting fell down from the weight of the snow.

A chicken’s view of their house and the snow and that pesky dog!

The feeders were full of hungry little birds.  The activity is entertainment in itself!

Squish thought she’d give the laundry basket sled a try once again…

Jack, however, was not impressed.

Rosie – oh, what to do with that mop of wool on the head after it’s snowed!

Sawyer – waiting patiently for someone, anyone, to toss a snowball for him to chase….

Colonel was ready for a chase!  The snow and sun certainly made him feel lively.

Since no one was available to throw snowballs, Sawyer thought he’d harass Misty.

Not sure he’s realized yet that she is much bigger than he is!

I love this picture…

Yep, the pony has an attitude and it’s certainly evident in this shot 🙂

Thanks, Dave, for enduring the cold to capture these beautiful early morning moments on the Lazy B.

Your photos say so much more than words…

To see Dave’s video of this morning, check out