There are some truths that are universal no matter what the circumstances.  One of them is the fact that cats don’t like water, no matter how wonderful and tolerant the cat may be!


Rascal as a kitten

Rascal as a kitten




I was folding clothes in the bedroom when Alexandra found me and asked, “Mom, do you see anything different?”

Having played this “game” before, I became very attentive to every detail on her person.  “Ummmm, your skirt is wet…how did your skirt get wet?”  She was very pleased that I had won this round!

Alexandra had discovered the rainwater left in the bed of Dave’s truck.  She was very excited about the possibility of “swimming” and had climbed into the bed of the truck to see what wondrous adventures awaited her.  Ali told me that she wanted Rascal, her cat, to share in this momentous occasion but she couldn’t find him.  I informed her that cats don’t like water and that I was fairly certain Rascal wouldn’t enjoy the water as much as she.

Alexandra, to the contrary, said, “Oh no, Mom.  He won’t mind, I just want to give him a bath!”


Rascal and Molly Rascal and Molly           “I’ll show you who’s boss!”




Her expectation of his submission to her wishes was well founded because this cat allowed her to do most anything.  Earlier in the day, Alexandra had wrapped Rascal tightly in a blanket and was carrying him around the house.  Rascal willingly allowed the “motherly caressing” to go on for some time.  Next, Alexandra had him in her room surrounded by a small fence she had made by attaching several foam crowns together.  There was Rascal, lying on his side, tail twitching furiously, but staying where Ali had put him.  When Alexandra went to get the camera, Rascal high-tailed it out of there, nowhere to be found!

Alexandra, in her all her exuberance, had shared with Megan the grand possibility of swimming in the bed of the truck and they both came and asked if they could play in the back of the truck.  (Country swimming at its finest!)

“Sure, just be careful.”

“Yes, Mom!”  and off they ran.  Last I knew, they were getting the hose to put more water in the bed to see how full they could get it before the water started to leak out.

After dinner, Megan and Alexandra ran back outside to play some more….

I came out shortly afterwards to finish weeding.  Megan was walking across the driveway with tears in her eyes and blood dripping down her chin to her shirt.  Alexandra was beside her looking very distraught.

“Honey, what happened to you?!”

“Well Mom, Ali handed the cat to me…”

Apparently, Alexandra had captured Rascal and convinced her older sister that it would be a good idea to give him a bath.  Ali handed Rascal up to Megan who was standing in the bed of the truck, in the water.  Megan said that as soon as the cat was in her arms, he realized his fate and fought to get down.  She tried to put him down over the edge of the truck.  Rascal, fearing he was going to be released into the lake of water, climbed up Megan’s chest and onto her face, scrambling to get away as fast as he could.  Rascal did succeed in his escape and Megan had the claw marks to show for it.

After some tears of pain from Megan, tears of remorse from Alexandra, and hugs of comfort and assurance from me, I gently reminded them both –  cats do not like water.  They both heartily agreed!


I am a cat...not a child's play toy!!

I am a cat...not a child's play toy!!