I couldn’t wait to get to Pike Place Market when we were visiting Seattle.  I have such fond memories of the market.

Before we had children (how long ago was that???), Dave and I would go to the market on a Saturday morning and meander through the stalls, tasting the different produce and coming home with an array of different fruits and vegetables.  And if I was very good, (and I was!) a huge bouquet of flowers.

The sights and smells are so nostalgic but to new comers, can be a little overwhelming.

Ever heard of a Doughnut Peach?  Well they grow them in WA.  Taste the same just look different…

These garlands were so beautiful!!  All hand made with local produce by one of the guys who worked this stand.

If only I had more room in my suitcase!

And the lavender!!!  It grows so well in the Northwest.  Lavender has got to be one of my favorite herbs.

I grow a little bit here but my plants in GA don’t look anything like the plants I had in Seattle.

And the fragrance…

nothing compares.

Pike Place has expanded since I was last there.  It now spills out into the street…

Loved this concept.

A farm truck use for educational purposes.  Great idea!  They drive the truck around to schools and places where kids are to teach agriculture.

I’m thinking GA needs one of these 🙂

Anyone got a truck they’re not using??

One of the shops by the market made cheese.  We just happened to walk by when they were cutting the curds.

Now that’s a lot of cheese!

The market is always full of flowers.

The weather in the area is perfect for growing flowers – so beautiful.

These are some of my favorites – Sweet Peas.  I only wish the photo was a scratch and sniff!

The market sells a lot of items besides produce.

Like honey and honey products…

I do believe this was one of my favorite stalls at the Market 🙂

And yes, we arrived just in time for the Cherry season…I’d forgotten how great these cherries taste.

Every chance we got, we’d buy cherries.

Fortunately, if the crowds get to be too much…

There is a park right across the street where you can sit and enjoy the scenery

and all the terrific goodies you purchased from the market.

Eco-friendly police 🙂

Did I mention the flowers?  Hanging baskets like this are everywhere…

If only I had more room in my suitcase!

The street of Pike Place even had flowers growing on the tops of their buildings.

At first we weren’t sure they were real,

but they are.

More and more produce – the colors alone of all that fruit were breathtaking.

How does one choose?

Ahh – it wouldn’t be Pike Place Market without the infamous Pike Place Pig.  It’s a gigantic piggy bank!

The market is unique in that it draws food from both the sea and the surrounding fertile valleys of the mountains.

Oh yum!!  Probably one of my favorite kind of fish…but only from the Northwest.

Ever seen these?  Lychee nut?  The meat inside is white.

Bet you’ve seen the nut just not the nut with the outside.

The snap peas here grow bigger than any I’ve seen elsewhere and boy were they sweet!

Talk about big – these raspberries were as big as the end of your thumb and the flavor was unbelievable!

And of course, tired from all that tasting and sniffing, and looking…

We had to re-energize ourselves with a cup of Starbucks coffee and pay homage to it’s birthplace – Seattle.