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Pullets in the Tractor!

I received my new chicks on February 6th – all 26.  They stayed in the brood box for the first 6 weeks until they were fully feathered. When the chicks are fully feathered, they’re able to be moved outside. I … Continue reading

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Chickens: from Chick to Pullet

Our chicks have been outside in the brood box for the last several weeks.  I’ve been turning the light on at night for them so they don’t get chilled.  The chicks will “tell” you when they’re hot or cold.  If … Continue reading

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Picking Up Chicks

My cell phone rang at 6:30 this morning – it was the Post Office calling to let me know my chicks had arrived.  I headed out into the frigid morning, cup of coffee in hand, and hopped into my “chick … Continue reading

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