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Mystery Bug

Several days ago, I posted a picture of a bug, a really tiny bug, but the picture off my iphone was fuzzy.  These aren’t I’ve searched to identify it but can’t find anything so I’ll put it out here again … Continue reading

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Ever Seen One Of These By Your Beehive?

I was working my hives the other day and had a visitor… For some reason there seems to be a greater abundance of these creatures this year. As with everything else this year, we’ll blame it on the weather. Better … Continue reading

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Florida Predatory Stink Bug

I was walking up to the front porch this morning and saw this sight… Two things about this made me smile.  First, the orange and black bug is a Florida Predatory Stink Bug – a benenficial.  Second – he was … Continue reading

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Lady Bug Look-alike but it’s a Colorado Potato Beetle

I was out in the garden and noticed this bug on my tomato plants.  At first, I thought it was a Lady Bug metamorphasizing. But it’s not. I’m not sure what it is actually. They remind me of a tick … Continue reading

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Garden Walk – May 19, 2011

My cabbages are coming along nicely so far.  The weather’s been perfect but it’s supposed to hit the 90’s by the weekend.  Since cabbages are a cool weather crop, we’ll see how they hold up.  I was really  hoping to … Continue reading

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Garden Walk – May 13, 2011

This year I tried something new with my cucumbers.  I’d seen in a book where the person had used a bed frame as a trellis.  Only it was a horizontal trellis.  This is a left-over bunk bed frame. The idea … Continue reading

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Spring Garden – March ’11

I finally got to the beds in my garden this week for the final turning of the soil. The interns were a big help.  The hen house floor was dug down about 6 inches and the dirt was added to … Continue reading

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Juvenile Black Widow Spider

I know there are quite a few out there who don’t like spiders….I can understand why since they’re almost always given a bad rap.  However, I am not one of those people.  I love spiders and have a huge respect … Continue reading

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Five-Lined Skink

This weekend was a farm work weekend.  Another friend and I work together on both farms one weekend a month.  On Saturday, we were working on her garden area and when she moved a pedestal from a birdbath…. …this is … Continue reading

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All Day Garden Workshop – April 2, 2011

Class fee: Early registration – $50 per person After March 1st – $60 per person **There is a class limit of 30 Please contact to register for this workshop or call 770-289-2301 This workshop is designed to cover all … Continue reading

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