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Inaugural Ladies’ Homestead Gathering Retreat

I’m still basking in the memories of the retreat as they filter through my mind while I try to get back to life here on the farm. When I sat at this table this summer, taking notes and dreaming about … Continue reading

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Creative Alternative??

I finally finished the scarf I’ve been working on!! I was able to get a lot of it done yesterday at the festival where I had a booth.  Once Megan got there, around lunch time, I handed over the reins … Continue reading

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Too Good Not to Share!

An old lady, Tootsie, from Wisconsin had worked in and around her family dairy farms since she was old enough to walk, with hours of hard work and little compensation. When canned Carnation Milk became available in grocery stores in … Continue reading

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Candid Corner: Homesteading-Raw and Uncensored

Oft times when I mention that I have a homestead on 7 acres, I get similar reactions… “Oh, how wonderful!” “I’ve always wanted to live like that…” “It must be so rewarding…” Homesteading often conjures up mental images of fuzzy … Continue reading

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Potting Shed Transformation to Farm Store

Several years ago, while I was in Canada with my eldest, Dave and the rest of the kids, built a potting shed for me. It was probably the hottest week of the summer here in GA but they were so … Continue reading

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Preparing a Pelt

I bought a lamb from a friend of mine who raises sheep for meat.  She took my sheep to the butcher yesterday to be processed. Another of our friends who also raises sheep had one of her lamb’s pelts made … Continue reading

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A Few Kind Words…

Last week, a good friend of mine called one morning. No particular reason except to say I was being thought of at the time. My friend went on to give me one of the greatest gifts that day… words of … Continue reading

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