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Ever Seen One Of These By Your Beehive?

I was working my hives the other day and had a visitor… For some reason there seems to be a greater abundance of these creatures this year. As with everything else this year, we’ll blame it on the weather. Better … Continue reading

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Candid Corner – It’s So Hard to Switch Tracks

I went out last night to check on Marbles, our goat.  She’s been sick for the last couple of days. Not really sure what’s wrong with her – a lot of educated guesses. By symptoms and signs, the consensus  has … Continue reading

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Indiana Farm – Combine and Corn Header

I had the privilege of going to Boonville, Indiana to look at a commercial farm.  I’d only seen the equipment used for these large farms in magazines. Before we arrived at our destination, of course, we had to stop at … Continue reading

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