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Varroa Mites and Bees

I was running out of time to split my hives.  I wanted to put them in nucs to overwinter. I love going into the hives and just looking.  You can tell so much about a hive through observation. In this … Continue reading

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Candid Corner: But I just don’t wanna…

The prep work is finished, the weather is good, the deadline is closing in, and if I procrastinate any longer – the window of opportunity will be shut. I know all this… but I just don’t wanna do the rest … Continue reading

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Tennessee Rock Trail – Mountain City, GA

Thought it would be a good idea to hike the trail we are recommending for the Ladies’ Homestead Retreat. Yesterday a friend and I drove up to Mountain City, GA to Black Rock Mountain State Park to hike the Tennessee … Continue reading

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Pig Party!!

It was a quiet evening at the Lazy B Farm. That is until someone mentioned all the watermelons in the back of the truck. Woohooo!!  We’re gonna have a Pig Party!! “What??  Did someone mention a party??!” “Wait a melon-pickin’ … Continue reading

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From Seattle to Lake Stevens

After our visit in Seattle, it was time to head to Lake Stevens to the north. But not after one more trip up the Space Needle… The views from the observation deck are amazing – especially on a clear day. … Continue reading

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Candid Corner – It’s Just One of Those Days…

Every now and then I have a day when I question why in the world I homestead. It’s hard work… and continuous, day in and day out, 7 days a week, 12 months a year. Logically and philosophically I can … Continue reading

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Ladies’ Homestead Gathering Retreat – October 28 -30th

   Location: Foxfire Museum       Mountain City, GA   ( Cost: $195  –  $50 deposit will hold your spot, the remainder due before the retreat Guests:  this getaway is for adult women who are interested in any aspect of homesteading and desire … Continue reading

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Candid Corner – Day 5 and 6 of Juice Fast

Today is the beginning of Day 7 but since I’m not sure how it will go, I’ll journal about Day 5 and 6. Day 5- This day was by far my roughest.  I was ready on Day 3 to struggle … Continue reading

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Candid Corner- Accountants

I don’t know how many of you run your own business but it can be daunting at times. Today Dave and I are headed to the accountants to talk business and taxes and forms and licenses and whew, starts to … Continue reading

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Trip to Seattle WA – Pike Place Market

I couldn’t wait to get to Pike Place Market when we were visiting Seattle.  I have such fond memories of the market. Before we had children (how long ago was that???), Dave and I would go to the market on … Continue reading

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