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Same Baby Guineas – Different Camera…

Thanks to my husband and his shared enthusiasm about our new babies on the farm… And his very cool professional camera… Enjoy!   This is Sawyer, our dog, looking in at the babies   The babies are so small!   … Continue reading

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She did it!!! Baby Guineas Appear…

Remember my Guinea who’s been sitting for so long?  Well, I had a “feeling” about today. and I was right!! I went out to check on her because the noises from the Guineas were different than they’d been in the … Continue reading

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When a Bathroom Scale Won’t Do…

Last Sunday, Lynn and I had to take 2 steers to the butcher. We had a dilemma, however.  We needed to know how much the steers weighed so we could start learning how to “eye” a steer and give a … Continue reading

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Snapping Turtle by the Creek

A couple of friends had called this morning about trees that had gone down on their farm.  For one friend, the tree blocked the driveway making it impassable.  For the other, trees hit two spots on the fence and the … Continue reading

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And Where Would You Have Your Babies?? Nesting Guineas!

I started with 6 Guineas last spring.  On Christmas day, we noticed one was missing and I found a pile of feathers. Christmas dinner for some fortunate animal.   So in the spirit of Christmas, I tried not to be … Continue reading

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Garden Walk – May 19, 2011

My cabbages are coming along nicely so far.  The weather’s been perfect but it’s supposed to hit the 90’s by the weekend.  Since cabbages are a cool weather crop, we’ll see how they hold up.  I was really  hoping to … Continue reading

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Garden Walk – May 13, 2011

This year I tried something new with my cucumbers.  I’d seen in a book where the person had used a bed frame as a trellis.  Only it was a horizontal trellis.  This is a left-over bunk bed frame. The idea … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Day Gift

I wish this blog began with a cute little story about how my kids made me pancakes and eggs and woke me up with breakfast in bed; how we snuggled and laughed in my queen size bed; how we told … Continue reading

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