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Reviving Over-grazed Pastures

Probably the most expensive mistake I’ve made since I began farming has been overgrazing my pastures.  When we moved to this place, the height of the grass in the fields consumed my children when they ran down to the creek. … Continue reading

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Sheep to Shawl

Lazy B Farm Sheep Shearing Event Date:  April 30th, 2011 Time:  10am – 1pm Place:  Furr Lane Community Center Furr Lane, Statham, GA  30666 Event Fee:  $10 per carload; $15 per passenger van (12 or more passengers); $30 per bus … Continue reading

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Heidi and Colonel

“Okay, Heidi?  Yep, the Director wants Colonel to be the pack mule and you’ve just been rescued from the rugged mountains of Colorado. You’re hurt and you can’t walk…..Colonel has come to rescue you.  Got it?  Good….” ” A little … Continue reading

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The Incredible, Edible Egg!

Courtesy of John Ingraham Eggs themselves are remarkably resistant to germs like salmonella. The shell and proteins in the egg white normally do a good job of fending off pathogens. But eggs laid by a bird infected with salmonella will … Continue reading

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Rising Beef Costs…

U.S. Cattle Herd at Lowest Since 1958 May Spur Beef-Price Surge A Bloomberg report by Elizabeth Campbell ” Consumer beef prices will be the highest ever this year and probably will climb further in 2012, Robb said. Surging prices for … Continue reading

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Chicken Workshop – March 19

From Eggshell to Nest Egg Date:  March 19, 2011 Time:  9am – noon Place:  Lazy B Farm Cost:  $25 per person; $40 per couple Chickens have become the new “niche” pet in recent years and they’re not just the old … Continue reading

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Juvenile Black Widow Spider

I know there are quite a few out there who don’t like spiders….I can understand why since they’re almost always given a bad rap.  However, I am not one of those people.  I love spiders and have a huge respect … Continue reading

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Heidi’s Work Day at the Farm

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we had a farm work day scheduled at another friend’s farm.  A perfect day to bring Heidi along so she could “work” with us.  We put her in her special traveling laundry basket and … Continue reading

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