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Chore Lists- a Very Helpful Tool

I have a confession.  I’ve been remiss the last couple of months of managing our home well.  Oh sure, I’ve sorta been doing my job – blurting out commands every now and then when the house seemed too out of … Continue reading

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My Meat Chickens

I do raise chickens solely for meat.  I order the chicks from McMurray Hatchery – they call them the BBQ Special.  It’s a good thing that I know from the moment those chicks arrive that they are intended for the … Continue reading

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Guinea Hens – I love them!!

I’ve wanted Guinea Hens on the farm for a while.  I debated between them and Peacocks.  The Guineas won out…and we’ve raised 6 of them.  They were about 3 or 4 weeks old when they came to the farm.  They … Continue reading

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Redemption of Fire Ants??

I think I’ve mentioned before that I had never seen so many different kinds of bugs and insects till we moved here to the South.  And they’re not small… they’re humongous!  In almost 8 years, I’ve learned not to flinch … Continue reading

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Fire Pit Morning – finally!

I came out to do my morning chores and there stood Ali – shivering, no shoes. “Mom!  The grass is so cold on my feet!” I didn’t even bother asking….she’s a farm girl! “Why don’t you run in and get … Continue reading

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Narceus Americanus Millipede

Over the weekend, a friend and I went hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The trail we took was covered with a canopy of trees and wound its way along the river.  We each had a camera so it was … Continue reading

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