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Monterey Bay Aquarium from the Eyes of a Farmer…

This was Victoria’s year for her high school graduation trip.  She chose northern CA and planned the entire vacation time we were there.  On the agenda was a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  When we lived in Watkinsville, we … Continue reading

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Lazy B Farm All Natural Beef

Lazy B Farm All Natural Beef What does “all natural” mean? –  Our beef are raised on pastureland from the day they are born till the day we take them to the butcher.  They receive no growth hormones, and no … Continue reading

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Do You Know this Caterpillar??

Thanks to Sandi – this is the larva for  the Pandorus Sphinx Moth (Eumorpha pandorus) Yesterday I was weeding in the garden and found this caterpillar on the Bee Balm plant.  I’d not seen this kind before and at first thought … Continue reading

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Lazy B Farm Beekeeping Series

Beekeeping Workshop Series The motivation for this series is to equip those who are serious about beekeeping as a hobby and want to acquire their own bees. We will begin with the very basics of beekeeping and build upon that … Continue reading

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Country Kids – Mud Fight

Part of my dream for homesteading included giving my kids the opportunity to grow up in the country.  The chance to romp through the woods, gaze at brilliant stars while standing in the middle of a field, awake in the … Continue reading

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Just Because….

Just because I was looking at the Morning Glories and saw this little guy… Just because I was getting tired of weeding and really hot… Just because I was distracted by the butterflies everywhere… Just because I happened to have … Continue reading

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Baby Guinea Hens are Called Keets

My first encounter with a Guinea Hen was when we lived in Watsonville, CA.  We hadn’t been in our home very long and one morning while I was sitting in the office working, I heard this horrendous noise outside.  It … Continue reading

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Baby Moles?!

I was moving some wooden posts which had been covered in grass.  I was fully expecting to find a snake but instead… There was a nest of baby moles – 6 of them.  (After posting this, someone mentioned that they’re … Continue reading

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Born to Bee…

Earlier this week, I had access to some comb from a hive that was being removed from a house.  Since I had my camera with me, the bees were fairly docile, and the comb was just lying on the deck, … Continue reading

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Herb Walk in NC – part 2

In July, a couple of friends and I attended an Herbal Walk taught by Patricia Kyritsi Howell.  It was held at Sunnybank Inn in Hot Springs, NC. Sunnybank is an old Victorian home with a lot of character and original … Continue reading

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