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Those Darn Broody Hens!

I have a broody hen in the chicken house. Every year it’s the same story. Spring arrives and her maternal clock begins to tick.  She becomes a little more ornery and starts hoarding all the eggs.  She puffs herself up, … Continue reading

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In the Beginning – Part 3

Catherine Anne was born to us on May 13, 1988, 2 and half years after we’d been married.  The awe of motherhood took me by surprise. My pregnancy had been rather uneventful…until the end. I went in for my check … Continue reading

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Beneficial Bugs for the Garden

I’m often asked how I manage the “pests” in my garden. You know, the Squash Bug, Aphids, etc.,  those nuisances that seem to devour a garden overnight. And, trying to stay “organic” in the process is quite a feat. I’m … Continue reading

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Hauling Hay

I’ve heard stories about haying season – loading hay bales from the field and then stacking them in the barn.  Those stories always sounded so nostalgic, so “romantic.”  Yeah, they also wrote about how hard the work was, how itchy … Continue reading

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Beneficial Insect: Wheel Bug

One of my favorite classes during my Master Gardener classes, was the lecture on bugs.  It was absolutely fascinating and I would love to take more classes because I know we just barely skimmed the surface. I realized that the … Continue reading

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Beekeeping: Logging Progress and Cleaning

Well, I’ve been challenged and I love a challenge.  I started with 2 hives this spring and I’m now up to 10 hives.  A lot has happened with them this spring…too much for me to remember. Bill has mentioned the … Continue reading

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Beekeeping: Can You Find…

I was checking frames for brood.  And right before my eyes was the queen! Can you find her in this picture?  The queen bee has a much longer body than the worker bees.  She doesn’t have the stripes, just a … Continue reading

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Kennesaw Mountain Nat’l Park

To end the girls school year with their tutor, we decided to plan an historical field trip.  Michelle, their tutor, chose Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.  She tutors the girls in history and science. It took about an hour and … Continue reading

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Kayaking with the Kids

I gave Dave 2 kayaks for our anniversary last November.  Probably not the best month to do this activity since the water’s so cold – so we didn’t.  Nor did we use them in December, January, February or March…. Dave … Continue reading

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Why Do Honey Bees Swarm?

This year has been crazy in our area for the honey bees.  This month alone I’ve had more swarms than ever before and some of my hives have split twice.  Truly, this is one of those seasons when man may … Continue reading

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