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Vermiculture : using worms to make compost: the use of specially bred worms to convert organic matter into compost Vermicompost is the product or process of composting utilizing various species of worms, specifically red wigglers,white worms, and earthworms creating the … Continue reading

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Seeds for the Garden

It’s that time of year, and I usually miss it…but not this year! February is the month to plant the seeds, that will grow into transplants, that will go into our family vegetable garden.  It’s so much more cost effective … Continue reading

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Rosemary Herbal Tea

I attended an Herbal class taught by Patricia Howell this weekend at the Georgia Organics Conference.  She was wonderful as a speaker and so knowledgeable.  I’m doing a hike in the Appalachians with her this summer – that will be … Continue reading

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Mae Mae had a little lamb…

Every parent struggles with teaching responsibility to their child.  I’ve realized it takes a concerted effort, an implemented plan, and lots of adjustments. I will admit that homesteading has afforded my children unparalleled opportunities for learning all kinds of life … Continue reading

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A New Day Dawns…

Last year, Dave missed the big snow we had March 1.  He was in San Diego while I was here with 8″ of snow and a 48 hour power outage.  He always misses all the fun! Being the photographer he … Continue reading

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Georgia Snow!

The New Englander in me loves it when it snows in GA! Everything is clean and fresh, a new beginning.  I love to watch the excitement in my children, the awe of the beauty.  The dogs think it’s a new … Continue reading

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Country Kids

I suppose some would consider life in the country a disadvantage for kids… After all, my kids don’t have the latest new fangled toys.  In fact, they don’t even know what they are because we don’t have t.v. But my … Continue reading

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Contra Dancing??

I’m always looking for something fun and new to do with my kids.  To me, it’s part of my “mom job” to expose them to as many different activities, people, music , arts, etc. that I am able. I love … Continue reading

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Parenting Dividend

I’m not going to mince words – parenting is a tough job.  Just when you think you’ve gotten it figured out with one child, you have to completely reassess and change the strategy for the next child.  It’s a daunting … Continue reading

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Homeschool Birthday Gift

Let’s face it – homeschoolers, in general, come with a certain stereotype.  We’re a bit “unconventional”, and that’s the nice word!  It’s never bothered me because, as I’ve confessed to you before, I’m not conventional. And so, it is with … Continue reading

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