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A Cow in the Van?!

Why of course, when that’s the only means of transportation you have! One year, the dairy where I buy my bull calves called.  Julie had a bull calf for us and I was so excited because we ‘d been waiting … Continue reading

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“So, why do you homeschool?”

I’m often asked why we decided to homeschool.  My first answer is usually… “Well, with this many kids, there was no way I could get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door with a lunch to catch a bus on … Continue reading

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Bobcat Fast Food

I know I’ve mentioned many times that I don’t come from farming heritage and I especially want  you to remember this fact when I tell you this story. We were living in CA, in Monterey County.  We lived on 2 … Continue reading

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Homesteading Tweezers – Part 2

I told you that there would be more uses for my tweezers and sure enough, it happened! A couple of weeks ago, my friend was over visiting the farm.  She was up by the goat yard and noticed a small … Continue reading

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Could Canning Peaches Get Any More Difficult?!

It’s time for a history lesson regarding my side of the family – from my perspective (that’s the disclaimer in case any of my extended family reads this blog!) My mother, and I love her dearly,  has the same affection … Continue reading

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CPR for Sheep

I must say, animals are a huge part of homesteading.  They provide hours of entertainment and some of  heartache.  We’ve had our share of deaths here at the farm, an incredible time of learning for my kids. However, we’ve also … Continue reading

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Homesteading – Herbs

I’ve always loved the out of doors.  I remember the home we lived in in Connecticut.  It was on the outskirts of town and across the street from woods, my woods!  I remember sneaking off so my younger siblings wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Cats Don’t Like Water!

There are some truths that are universal no matter what the circumstances.  One of them is the fact that cats don’t like water, no matter how wonderful and tolerant the cat may be!         I was folding … Continue reading

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